The management of People’s Park Complex said that for the past two years, it has taken measures to minimise the errant sales tactics seen in other shopping centres. While the problem remains, it has been “gradually reduced lately”, the Management Corporation said.

The management said it has been working closely with the relevant authorities, including CASE, police and Singapore Tourism Board to reduce the incidents of such practices. “(While) People’s Park Complex may not have eradicated the problem completely, at least it has been noted that the malpractice of sales tactics by these operators here has been gradually reduced lately,” it said in its statement.

The management added that it will continue to monitor the problem and take “appropriate steps” which it deems “fit and necessary within the constraint in dealing with this problem”.

It acknowledged that retailers at the Chinatown shopping centre have complained that their interests have been affected by these errant sales practices.

“We hope that the Government could pass the legislation as soon as possible so that any malpractice of sales tactics could be dealt with effectively by law, to protect the interest of the public and the image of Singapore as a shopping paradise,” the management said.

According to CASE, there have been 146 complaints at People’s Park Complex this year, compared to 103 cases at Sim Lim Square, which has been in the spotlight recently with the incidents involving handphone retailer Mobile Air.

This figure only includes cases filed by locals, and does not include tourist complaints. It also includes both filed cases – where consumers authorise CASE to handle on their behalf – and assisted cases, in which CASE helps draft a letter for consumers to approach the vendors themselves.

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