Dear Han Ming,

Oh, do let me list a few answers to your question on why are Singaporeans still paying $16,000 to Mr Lee Kuan Yew

1. Because I have a roof of my own over my head?
2. Because most if not all of my family and friends have a roof of their own over their heads?
3. Because my 75 year-old mum can go for wedding dinners decked out in her fine jewellery and come home on her own at 11pm in the night and I don’t have to worry?
4. Because when we pump petrol at petrol kiosks, we don’t have the fear of someone jumping in to drive the car away with my 10 year old nephew in it?
5. Because I don’t own a car and yet I travel round for work and leisure a happy commuter using public transport?
6. Because when it pours, I can actually get to my train station or bus interchange using the covered walkway without the need of an umbrella?
7. Because I can log on to my computer or mobile devices anytime of the day at any place to read trash written by the likes of you?
8. Because my family hardly spent a cent on medical bills on my late father despite him being diagnosed with cancer of the bones?
9. Because I can eat food products from the supermarts without worrying about the origin of the oil?
10. Because how I was able to make friends with a group of Japanese businessmen who hardly spoke a word of English (save for one) 26 years ago while slurping ramen at a roadside pushcart in Tokyo through a conversation over this man named Lee Kuan Yew and how I was totally glowing with pride due to the praises they were gushing over him?

I hope I’ve answered your question but if you need more, believe me, I have LOTS more. And by the way Han Ming, I also have a question for you… Why don’t you go eat shit and do look into the mirror while doing so?

Warm regards,

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