Some married women are apparently sleeping with other men to appease their husbands’ fetish of seeing them having sex with other people.

Metro Ahad quoted a counsellor, Hushim Salleh, as saying that he had seen several of such cases.

“The husband may be going through a mental condition in which he could only be aroused if he sees such sexual acts,” he said.

A restaurant worker known only as Maya, 35, said she was initially shocked when her husband told her to do it.

“Out of love for him, I did what he wanted,” she said.

The practice had taken a toll on her emotional well-being, she said.

A factory supervisor, Khairul, admitted to sleeping with another man’s wife after he was introduced to them by a friend.

The husband had arranged for a meeting at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur, he said.

“He showed me their marriage certificate,” Khairul said, adding that he felt odd initially of having to make out with the woman in the presence of her husband.

“After several minutes when I was more comfortable, the husband even joined us in the session,” he said.

One person tracked down by Metro Ahad said he had been offering such services in the northern states.

His payment ranged from RM300 (S$116) to RM700 for each session with the wife or the couple together.

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