The Opinion Collaborative (TOC Ltd) on Monday (Nov 10) said it had submitted its registration forms to the Media Development Authority (MDA), in compliance with the Broadcasting (Class Licence) Notification of the Broadcasting Act.

In September, the MDA said it had assessed the TOC website, The Online Citizen, and found that it engages in the propagation, promotion or discussion of political issues relating to Singapore. It added that TOC Ltd is “susceptible to foreign influence through the receipt of foreign funding”, and would require to register “to uphold the principle that politics must remain a matter for Singapore and Singaporeans alone”.

In its media release on Monday, TOC Ltd said: “The fact that we have complied with all these indicates that fears of foreign sources funding TOC are completely unfounded. As such, we look forward to the Prime Minister’s Office lifting the gazetting requirements on TOC as a ‘political association’.”

It added that is working relationship with MDA has been “frank and friendly”, and both have met as “equal parties” who are interested in Singapore’s media scene “albeit for different reasons”.

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