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Apart from making a Vietnamese tourist beg for his money back, Mobile Air’s Jover Chew also tried to play punk and refund a woman $1,000 in coins. Many people have come out blasting him and his shop for their unscrupulous tactics.

But did you know, what Jover Chew and his bunch of scammers did are protected by the law? Jover has not committed any crime at all. It is willing buyer willing seller situation. The buyer voluntarily signed the contract and everyone knows we need to read before signing our names on anything. If there is anyone to blame, it is to blame himself for not reading the contract terms.

Also when Mobile Air refunded $1,000 in coins and made the poor lady pick it up off the floor, they are legally not wrong as it is within the law to give refund in coins so long Jover Chew used $1 coins to pay back. However, if Mobile Air used any other denomination less than $1, it is not legal tender and it is against the law.

The authorities should find out if Jover Chew paid back in $1 or other coin denominations. If he used 50cents or anything lower, they should catch him and make him pay a heavy fine to punish him. Other than this, there is nothing else the authorities can do to him. As you see CASE only can give Jover Chew a warning and police can only stand nearby doing nothing.

The authorities really need to wake up and have tougher laws to protect genuine consumers from sharks like Jover Chew.

Ah Teck

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