I had a mental breakdown last year and was admitted to IMH.

I was discharged from IMH in November last year.

I lost my job as a senior engineer in a semiconductor company.

After that I had been looking for a job.

I got one job in ABC company but I only stayed for one week as I was uncomfortable with the workplace.

I continued my job search and landed another job in May as a patent executive but I only stayed for two months as I could not cope with the work.

Then I started a small business with my elder sister selling clothing for children but the business cannot sustain me for a full time income and I am losing interest in the business.

So now I am back to job hunting again.

I have a PhD in Physics.

I can hardly find a job that matches my background.

I am open to Bachelor degree positions but even that has limited options.

I left my last long term job as a senior engineer close to one year ago.

My sister said that I have an attitude problem.

Maybe she is right. But after my mental breakdown I feel I could barely integrate back into the work place and society in general.

Everyday and everything feels bleak. I feel lost, directionless, and hopeless.

Please help me.

Thanks and regards,


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