According to an ex-Mobile Air staff, Jover Chew is an arrogant boss who loves to trap his customers. When they are in a fix after signing the unfair receipt contract, he will pose for the camera and give a victory sign to show that he has made easy money for the day.

Because he is very guilty for working at the black shop, the ex-staff has come out to expose Mobile Air’s cheating tactics. For instance, Mobile Air “salesman” would convince customers to buy a warranty for $39.90 extra but doesn’t specify it is only for ONE month. But on the receipt customers sign, it states extra warranty for $39.90 x 24 months making it a crazy 900+ SGD for fake warranty.

He also claim that each staff in the shop makes about $20,000 SGD every month by resorting to such sales tactics. It is because of the good money that they keep cheating people’s hard earn money.

How many innocent people have fallen prey to such unscrupulous tactics? How many times have Jover Chew gotten away with his scam business? Is it time for the authorities to balls up and arrest this serial cheat?

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