The owner of a Sim Lim Square scam shop was asked to pay an additional $1,000 for his lunch at a food court where he ordered economy rice consisting of two meat and one vegetable dish, which normally cost $3.80.

The economy rice seller said he recognised him on the spot and decided to offer him a warranty for his economy rice at a special rate.

Zha Cai Fan, the economy rice seller, said: “I see his face on Internet, sibeh guai lan. He want to play bastard, I play with him.”

“He ordered two meat and one veg, so I charge him $3.80. But before he took his plate of food away, I told him he must pay an extra $1,000 for one-year warranty for the cai png.”

“He damn stunned.”

As he left without buying food, he went to the drink stall to order a can of Coke and he was asked to pay $1.30 for the drink.

But before he could leave, he was asked to pay an additional $1,000 for a cup of ice.

Not only will he have no luck buying food from now on, he might also face similar trouble at his hair dresser.

Jian Tou Fa, the scam shop owner’s hair dresser said: “I know his guai lan face. He every month come here wash and cut hair.”

“Next time he come I charge him $30 normal rate. Then I cut half of his hair.”

“He want to complete the hair cut, must pay another $1,000 for hair cut warranty.”

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