Yang Yin’s backside could tear with more than 300 charges

A $3,500 payment from a Ms Chua Tee Tee for “piano tuition 30 times and sound tuition 10 times”. A $3,000 payment from Heng Sah Bah for “piano tuition 30 times + free times”.

These were among the 11 receipts which Yang Yin, the former Chinese tour guide embroiled in a tussle over the assets of a Singaporean widow, was yesterday charged with faking as the director of Young Music and Dance Studio.

And with many more of the firm’s receipts not yet accounted for, Deputy Public Prosecutor Ang Feng Qian made it clear that the accused “potentially faces more than 300 charges”, which could result in a bigger sentence for him.

This may give him an “incentive” to flee the country, she argued as she explained why the prosecution wanted Yang to be denied bail and instead be remanded for seven days.

But Yang’s lawyer Wee Pan Lee strenuously opposed this. He said Yang has been cooperating with investigations so far. It was in Yang’s interest to “clear his name”, especially since his assets have been frozen under a Mareva Injunction issued in a separate civil case.

He also questioned the afternoon timing of yesterday’s charge hearing. He claimed it was deliberately held then so it would be too late for any bail to be processed, forcing his client to be kept in remand over the weekend.

DPP Ang called this unfounded, saying investigations into the 11 charges were completed only yesterday morning.

District Judge Eddy Tham, pointing out the need for balance, decided on a five-day remand. The case will be next mentioned on Wednesday.

In September, Yang, 40, was accused of manipulating 87-year- old widow Chung Khin Chun into handing over control of her assets. Her niece started a series of legal proceedings which included suing Yang. The former guide claimed Madam Chung, who had helped him open the firm, wanted him as a “grandson”.

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