Former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew joined Tanjong Pagar and Radin Mas residents for the annual Tree Planting Day on Sunday (Nov 2). It was Mr Lee who started the tree planting campaign in 1963 to promote a greener environment.

Fifty-one years on, the objectives have not changed, said Tanjong Pagar MP Indranee Rajah.

She said: “This is the 51st year since we have started tree-planting in Singapore, something which Mr Lee Kuan Yew initiated. And I don’t think that the objectives have changed, which is really a reminder that we need to have greenery, we need to have room to breathe, we need to have space, the environment is important and we should preserve it.

“So you can see that year after year, it’s kind of like a timely reminder to everyone to take care of your greenery, keep Singapore green. This planet is precious, take care of it. That’s the objective that it serves.

“And all over the island, you have trees that were planted by the ministers, the MPs, the grassroots leaders, and it’s something that builds up a tradition but throughout that tradition is a sense of telling people to take care of our area and keep it green.”

The event was organised by the Tanglin-Cairnhill Citizens’ Consultative Committee. Around 1,500 residents also took part in various recycling activities. Many penned their wishes to decorate trees made of nearly 200 recycled plastic bottles, which will be showcased at Chingay 2015.

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