I would like to share my own thoughts on this.

PAP’s methods are good for running a corporation but not a country. PAP’s methods will only encourage short term thinking and dog eat dog mentality. It does not build up a country. Its like when you leave a company, you may have good memories about it but you place your bets on the new company you moved to. However, in a country, there is no moving. You bet on it completely.

Just because a senior person in a MNC appear to say good things about PAP’s policies, it does not mean he will vote PAP.

I am probably in the top 1% of the wage earner in Singapore and I often suggest in my meetings to use PAP methods to address issues and formulate policies. Why, when PAP behaves a corportae way where profits is more important than citizens, it makes companies life very easy to formulate tough company friendly policies and employees simply accept it – which inevitable generate more profits.

Yet, when you ask me personally, I will vote against PAP every time because we cannot build a country like that. We need to add 3 more tax brackets instead of thinking of ways to take money from the masses. These tax brackets should be for taxable income

1. 250k to 500k : 25%
2. 500k to 1m : 30%
3. above 1m : 35%.

This is the surest way to address wage gap. It will allow the government to stop this dirty tricky way to take money from the average person. Government needs to also think of how to reduce rent. Come up with hawker centers that will assure low cost food always.

Too many missteps by PAP. The problem is that instead of solving it, they are spending most of their time thinking of ways to cover it up, use experts to say why they are right, twist it, spin it like its good for Singaporeans – like

1. More FT to create more good jobs for Singaporeans
2. Raise GST to help the poor.

What do you think?

Shut up

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