Chow Yun Fat: It’s time for the students to go home and think for a while

Chow Yun Fat recently expressed his hopes for the students who are currently joining the Occupy Central movement to go home and plan the next course of action.

As reported on Mingpao News, the actor, who has been very attentive towards the students’ welfare rather than the pro-democracy banner they upheld, stated, “I agree with what Chinese University’s president Joseph Sung said. It’s time for the students to go home and think for a while.”

“We already know how pure their hearts are, and right now, I hope for the government and the students to have a proper communication channel to resolve the issue,” Chow added.

He also expressed his hopes that the government would establish a good platform where they can discuss the issue and end the protest with a happy solution.

“I want Hong Kong to have a better tomorrow, and I wish that Hong Kong will be blessed with continuous prosperity and stability,” he said.

However, Chow refused to address rumours that he has also been blacklisted by mainland China for allegedly supporting the Occupy Central movement.

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