The NTUC hierarchy is made up of two types of slime. The bottom slime is made up of opportunistic, useless layabouts who conveniently avoid doing any work on the excuse of doing Union work and attending Union meetings.

Any attempt to get them to work and the company will be accused of being anti Union and destroying harmonious Govt/Mgt/union relations. Instead this bottom slime attend numerous off site meetings leaving their work to be done by their hapless colleagues. Sometimes these meetings can be held in Thailand, Australia and China! Although China is not so popular with the Chinese government recent clamp down on karaoke lounges and commercial sex.

The top slime is made up of two categories. A bottom category of so called industrial relations officers who are supposed to be experts in industrial relations but do nothing but intimidate companies to give in to demands of the Union. Not to sniffed at but from their ranks they have a past President and a Speaker of Parliament! These people have mastered the art of parroting the latest management theories without understanding a single word of what they are saying. Besides they have also mastered the art of repeating their PAP master’s voice.

The upper category of the top slime is made up of hand picked loyalists supposedly Union Chiefs parachuted into NTUC with absolutely no hands on working experience at all. They are just there to give a semblance of participation by the working class in government. These people are the biggest hypocrites of them all. Supposed to represent workers but they draw million dollar salaries, live in huge bungalows and drive expensive cars.

So why don’t they support minimum salaries? Simple! If you have minimum salaries you cut the ground off the feet of these unionists. Unionists don’t like minimum salaries because workers then realize why should I join the union and pay monthly dues? Unionists know that in a closed economy if you don’t pay the minimum wages nobody will come to work for you. What these feeble minded unionists didn’t expect or realize was that the government had opened the floodgates to bring in hundreds of thousands of lowly paid foreigners to fill up the gap. This I think is the biggest travesty and injustice that the NTUC has done to Singapore. They sat on their hands and allowed the hollowing out of jobs and employment of Singaporeans. Meanwhile their third partner in crime, the employers now feel cheated by the govt who now politically have to restrict the inflow of foreigners. Which is why LHL is forced to periodically reassure them that they will slow down not totally cut down the inflow.

They are in a shithole that they created. The blur NTUC chief who listened to the low slime in his organization now has to back off with semantics. Bosses are stuck with expanded capacity and no staff. And the PAP leadership as usual is busy telling China and US how to manage their countries. Cheez… and we pay them millions!


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