Criminal suspect Wang X happened to meet girl Young Yin while underground, was attracted to her appearance from the back, and decided that he would rape her. But just as Wang X was about to rape her, he saw Young Yin’s face clearly for the first time, decided that it wasn’t the kind that he liked, and then stopped his rape.

2014 early July, Suspect Wang came to Beijing to visit his mother, who works in Beijing, and lived underground. By chance, Wang X noticed a girl, Young Yin, who lived next door, and whom from the back looked like the type that he likes.

At night, Wang X tossed and turned thinking about Young Yin. Thinking that most of the people who live underground don’t lock their doors, he felt his way to Young Yin’s door and discovered that she indeed didn’t have her door locked.

Wang X grabbed a kitchen knife and a mop from his kitchen, and proceeded to Young Yin’s room. He hit Young Yin’s head with the mop handle with the intent of knocking her unconscious before raping her. However, not only did Wang X fail to knock her out, he instead woke her up, whereupon Wang X used the kitchen knife to threaten Young Yin to not scream, and grabbed her by the throat. Once the girl quieted down, Wang X released his hold on her.

But, when Wang X saw Young Yin’s face, he realized that she wasn’t the type that he likes, did not carry out the rape, and then begged Young Yin to not report it to the police. To placate Wang X’s state of mind, Young Yin could only pretend to promise that she wouldn’t. When Wang X left, Young Yin called the police, and soon afterward, police apprehended Wang X.

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