An open vision and a dream about Guan Gong (aka Guan Yu) – A Chinese deity of war and martial art.

This would be one of the hilarious house cleansing incident I ever had.

My friend complained of strange sound coming from her kitchen. She bought the apartment not too long ago.

Although she has done one round of house cleansing, there is something there stubbornly refused to move out from her house and she sought my help, since I can “see”.

So I went to her home one day. I vaguely remembered the day when she moved into her new apartment, there were no idols in there. There was no cabinet or traces of woodwork that would housed the idols Therefore I was puzzled on why she could hear noises at night.

I went to inspect the kitchen, I found nothing suspicious. I even went to see the storeroom. In an attempt to cleanse the house, I use my phone and played a worship song.

Lo and behold! I saw a vision of Guan Gong leaving the storeroom! What is he doing in the storeroom? It really made no sense to me. Usually the Chinese in Singapore will display their deities in the living room, definitely not in the storeroom.

Guan Gong, in Singapore it is known as the Chinese deity of war and martial art, he is really a historical figure from China, a general in olden Chinese dynasty.

In fact when I saw this Guan Gong, He was seen like one of those in Chinese opera. He has black and red painting on his face, he wore a olden Chinese general suit with little flags behind him. Even his attire is red and black. Honestly he looked “majestic”. When I saw Guan Gong leaving the storeroom, I told my friend excitedly : “There is a Guan Gong here!”

Anyway that Guan Gong left the house when I asked for the fire of God to fill the apartment.

The saga didn’t end here. I forgot to have a complete breaking of soul tie on the spiritual warfare that day. He was so angry that I had chased him out from the house that he visited me and `terrorised’ me at night.

The moment I saw him in the dream, there was a continuously sound of slamming of doors. He was definitely very upset that I chased him out from the house.

When I looked at him, he was dressed in that same black and red Chinese opera attire. I began to rebuke him in the dream.

The first time I rebuked him in the name of Jesus, the black and red painting on his face gone. Still he refused to leave. And he is still dressed in that Chinese opera attire.

The second time I rebuke him in the name of Jesus, the olden day Chinese General attire was stripped away. He was stripped of his “rank”. In the dream his attire changed in white T-shirt and blue short. He now look like a typical Chinese Singaporean fat man I can find in any hawker centres.

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