Govt apparatus could be torn apart if Opposition takes office

I refer to the report “PAP could lose ‘control, power over next 15-25 years’” (Oct 21).

Mr Ho Kwon Ping had to be specific and focused at the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS)-Nathan lecture. He did not cover the scenario of what then happens if a new government is in office.

I hope he will speak on this with equal eloquence in his next lecture. I believe that a new government would dismantle or dismember top layers of the apparatchik in the establishment, including the Civil Service.

The extirpation would include changes in policies and personnel at Singapore sovereign fund GIC, Temasek Holdings and its affiliated organisations, the judiciary, the military, the Home Team, the National Trades Union Congress, universities, et cetera.

I believe that the replacement of personnel would be extensive, thorough and done within months, if not weeks, of forming the new Cabinet, to ensure total control and to clear out the long, embedded tentacles of the 50-year incumbent government.

Mr Lee Kuan Yew, in his book One Man’s View Of The World, was asked about his hopes for Singapore and he replied: “The hope is that it will keep a steady course and uphold all these institutions which make it different from the rest of the region.”

His hopes would be a wishful dream, as any Opposition that replaces the People’s Action Party (PAP) Government would do the opposite of what he has hoped. Sadness would descend on PAP supporters if the change in government occurs.

Tan Kok Tim

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