Netizens calling for Ah Nan to be in Madam Tussauds museum

Many netizens are calling for a wax figure of getai star Ah Nan or John Cheng after Mediacorp star Huang Wenyong got one at the new Madame Tussauds Singapore museum.

Cheng died from a heart attack in Jan 2013 after a performance in a night club. A leading getai entertainer and Singapore’s best actor in the pai kia, ah long and gangster category, he left Singaporeans with many fond memories of how he terrorized in movies like Money Not Enough and Liang Po Po.

Cheng, a former real loan shark and secret society member, is most well-known for his damn steady character, especially during his boss Jack Neo’s sex scandal with a XMM actress.

In a press briefing in March 2010, during which Neo apologised for an extra-marital affair and his wife fainted, Cheng shouted “Zou kai! Zou kai! (Go away! Go away!)” as he dove into a sea of photographers to push them away from the retreating couple.

Leading commentator of the local entertainment scene, Ai Zhou Kan, expressed her frustrations over Madam Tussauds selection, “Knn boh kor leng, I can’t believe Ah Nan is not included, he was such a fixture in the getai scene. Not everything is about Ch 5 and Ch 8.”

Even fans of local TV were perplexed. Hong Xing Jiang said, “Wenyong is a Ch 8 Ah Ge and Stephanie Sun is big mandarin pop star. But we should some non-mainstream entertainment personalities in the museum. How about Wang Sa and Ye Feng? They entertained Singaporeans for decades.”

Madam Tussauds could not be reached for comment at time of publishing.

Source: The Straight Times

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