DOM kay siao ask for help to cross overhead bridge to molest 16 year old girl

SINGAPORE: He asked a 16-year-old girl to help him cross the road, and then took the opportunity to molest her. And he did so while on police bail for a similar act committed seven months ago.

For using criminal force with intention to outrage the teenager’s modesty, Yong Kiam Khim, 59, was on Tuesday (Oct 28) sentenced to three months’ imprisonment.

A district court heard that Yong, who is medically certified with neurological conditions that give him walking problems, had on Apr 10, at around 4.45 pm approached the victim at the foot of an overhead bridge along Dunearn Road, uttering “help me” while pointing to the bridge.

When the girl offered her arm, Yong held on to it. He also placed his hands on her shoulder and waist for support.

When they had crossed to the other side of the bridge, Yong suddenly hugged and kissed the victim while thanking her. Taking these gestures as Yong’s expression of gratitude, she continued to help him down the stairs.

Yong then kissed her again on the cheek, and did so repeatedly despite her calls for him to stop.

As they walked down the steps of the bridge, Yong continued to hold on her waist and started to touch and stroke her in the chest area. The victim pushed his hands away and told him to stop touching her, but continued to help him down the steps as she feared he might fall.

While they were taking a break from walking, Yong again hugged and forcibly kissed the victim. When she tried to put up a struggle, Yong held on to her waist tightly and pressed his body against hers.

When the victim finally broke free, she ran away and informed a friend, who made a police report.

On Sep 2 last year, Yong was also charged for molesting a 20-year-old woman while on board an SBS bus. This charge was taken into account during his sentencing on Tuesday.

Pleading for leniency on Yong’s behalf, lawyer S. S. Dhillon said that Yong “took the first available opportunity to admit to his guilt” and was fully cooperative with authorities during investigations.

District judge Victor Yeo said that in sentencing Yong, he had exercised “compassion on account of Yong’s medical condition” but also noted that the victim was of a young age and the act was committed while she was offering him help.

Yong could have been jailed up to two years, with fine and caning.


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