SINGAPORE – The sports commentator who made a blunder for signing off “from China” during Sunday’s WTA singles final here has apologised.

When signing off after the prize presentation ceremony, American announcer Kevin Skinner was heard saying “zai jian” (Chinese for goodbye), followed by “goodbye from China”. He later apologised on Twitter for the “serious mistake”.

I made a serious mistake. I signed off saying Singapore 11x & said China once. This is not acceptable. I apologize to those I have offended.

Kevin Skinner (@KevinSkinnerMIA) October 26, 2014

Skinner’s blunder irked many Singaporeans, who were unhappy that he had seemed to confuse Singapore with China.

Many, including local celebrity Hossan Leong, took to Twitter to air their annoyance.

“Makes me so mad! Didn’t help the commentating was lame from him. Just let the women talk!” tweeted Leong.

#WTA #WTAFinals #WTAFinalsSingapore did the commentator just say goodbye from CHINA??? #epicfail get another job man!

Hossan Leong (@HossanLeong) October 26, 2014

Makes me so mad! Didn’t help the commentating was lame from him. Just let the women talk! #WTA #WTAFinals #WTAFinalsSingapore

Hossan Leong (@HossanLeong) October 26, 2014

What did I just heard? Goodbye from China??! Hello? Its Singapore not China lah! #WTAFinalsSingapore

Fazlin Ferrer (@fazlinferrer) October 26, 2014

What the heck… the commentator for @WTAFinalsSG on Super Sports Arena signed off by saying “Goodbye from CHINA” IGNORAMUS!

A.B. Terence (@ABTerence) October 26, 2014

@KevinSkinnerMIA we hosted the event and you for a whole week and that’s how you capped it off. Well done!

Leslie Lim (@leslielim02) October 27, 2014

Skinner made headlines too during last year’s China Open, when he dropped multiple references to television series Breaking Bad during a Serena Williams and Caroline Wozniacki match.

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