Open letter to the British High Commissioner in Singapore

Dear Mr Antony Phillipson,

I am sure you are aware that Singapore’s President Tony Tan recently made a state visit to London. Now President Tony Tan is not exactly the people’s choice because he only got 34% of the popular vote. Many think Mr Tan Cheng Bock should be President but the election department decided to let Tan Jee Say through the system resulting in today’s situation.

Now, there’s a “funny” picture circulating in local cyberspace and if real, is really disrespectful. As much as I don’t like Tony Tan, he was representing Singapore, I don’t think the British newspaper should mock fun at him calling him “A Prime Miniature”.

I hope you will investigate this matter and give a decent explanation to Singaporeans, given the longstanding relationship between our two countries. Otherwise, I can only speculate that perhaps we should return the favor when the Queen or Prince(s) return to their former crown jewel of the colonies.

Sim Teck Siang

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