A lady witnessed a good deed done by our Sec 1 boys and emailed us to affirm their action. We are very proud of them! The boys are:
Kevin Shoo
Hafiz B Rosli
Alphonzus Lim
Emmanuel Pang
Well done!
To: Holy Innocents’ High School

Dear Sir, Ma’am

I am writing in to compliment 4 of your students who pulled away a big trash bag that must have fallen off a truck, on the road along Upper Serangoon, beside Hougang Plaza bus stop.
They waited until the coast was clear and they collectively carried the trash bag to the nearest rubbish bin nearby. I believe they are in lower sec as they wore shorts. I have attached a picture of them. The orange trash bag is seen there.

This act may seem small but it makes a difference to motorists who may find the trash bag a hindrance in the middle of the second lane. It could be dangerous too especially if motorist realised last minute to change lane.

I was heartened to see their thoughtfulness and act of kindness. I was at the bus stop and I did see the big trash bag but it did not occur to me to pull it away … in a way, we tend to have that mentality of, “Oh, someone will take care of it.” I felt ashamed when I saw what happened next. I heard voices from behind me planning out loud that the road is clear and to sprint and grab the trash bag (strategically planned, I must say. One was at the side looking out for cars and 3 of them carried the bag away), I didn’t expect that it could be lower secondary students! The picture at the top shows that the traffic was still clear after they pulled away the trash bag. They were mindful of their safety too. And whether the bag might have contained any form of rubbish that may be eeky to some – it didn’t matter to them.

I immediately felt that they should be recognised for their values-in-action. Their actions may be small and unseen by others but their integrity, moral uprightness and civic mindedness are commendable and indeed, something that our youth these days could emulate. Good job, boys! And good job to the school for infusing good values to your pupils!

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