I was employed in xxxxx as an Accounts Administration Manager on 10th Sep 2012. However, recently on 17th Sep 2014, I was terminated with one month of salary.

The reason given was that the Board could not work with me. In Aug 2014, 2 staff were terminated from the school, stating cost cutting. They left the school within 2 hours. The company did not inform MOM of termination nor cutting costs beforehand.

Notifying MOM will help the Ministry to monitor the labour market situation for the purpose of reviewing manpower policy, and offer assistance to the affected workers. But the company did not do this. I was told to hand over everything and leave on that day.

Due to the great amount of work load, I had to stay another 2 more days (18-19th Sep). I was also told I will be paid till 16th Oct 2014.

The company is not honoring the 2 extra days. In Aug, a particular staff was terminated. She was paid a salary of $6303 and $2000 additional duties. She was paid the $2000 but why the discrimination for a Singaporean for extra 2 days? 2 days salary may be small to many but not to me.

I would like to highlight about the company. The company does not pay the vendors on time every month. The company does not honour the payment terms. This accumulated the debts every month. Every vendor calls me to settle this back debts. Whenever I call and ask for cash flow, I won’t be given a proper answer nor the amount asked for.

This sours the relationship between me and the school Board. I also ask for cash flow from the Board after seeking approval from the school Head. So why was I terminated by such a reason? Without proper cash flow, I cannot run the Accounts dept properly. I get calls almost every day demanding for payments.

My job was to settle outstanding and assist the school in the finance dept. I was terminated for doing my job. And also, when I was hired in 2012, due to the IT specialist leaving, I had to take over the IT part which was not in the contract and for 2 years I was not paid any remuneration for the additional IT job duties.

In July, the 13th month salary to the school teachers was paid 18 days late in Aug 2014. They were supposed to be paid on 28th July 2014. The teachers started to e-mail me and the finance officer. The finance officer does not take any initiative to ask for cash to pay the vendors every month.

There is also salary discrimination at the workplace. The teachers get the 13th month salary but the admin team does not and have not gotten it. The company practised double standards. The admin team was not given market rate salary nor desired salary.

I can even accept this as increment is up to company’s discretion but a company should not practise different standards. Salary increment for the teachers was given upon their grades but not the admin team.

A proposal letter was given to the Board for salary increment and AWS, but was turned down for two years straight.

I was terminated for doing my job. If I had made a mistake, the company would have terminated me without any notice nor salary in lieu. However, in this case, I was terminated by an unacceptable reason of the Board being unable to work with me.

There are few Directors in the board but one of the Director brought his son in. There was no proper documentation nor declaration to relevant government agencies to prove his existence as one of the Board member. This is totally wrong as we have to sometimes take his instructions.

I am writing this letter to seek justice for the AWS, 2 days salary and a proper reason for termination. I am 33 years old and unable to get a job despite sending out resumes. I am a Masters Degree holder and have 17 years of work experience and yet, no companies reply to me. My parents are old and I am paying for housing mortgage loan.

The company did not have a conversation with me. They terminated me to their own convenience. I am an affected worker here. I want fair treatment. I also filed a case with MOM on 22nd Sep 2014. The case number is xxxxx. You can give me a call for discussion.

Thanks and Regards

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