From PES E to PES B; OCT Kong Teck Lee

OCT Kong Teck Lee is amongst the 94/ 14 Officer Cadet Course (OCC) who will be commissioned as Officers tomorrow.

Enlisted with a PES status of E9L9 due to medical conditions, he was posted to HQ 6 DIV as a Supply Assistant. “It was not what I really expected from the Army”, he mentioned about his initial posting. “I always thought that the Army was about physical training.” However, during his appointment as the 2nd In Command for stock taking, he understood that everybody in the army has an important role to play.

The chance for him to experience the physical exercises came when he participated in the routine unit fitness activities. In a bid to experience fully his idea of military training that he always wanted, OCT Kong then decided to undergo a review on his medical status. He was subsequently reviewed to a combat fit PES B status, “I knew that my job as a Supply Assistant was very important, but I also knew that I could do more”.

He trained with his superiors from HQ 6 DIV, who realized his potential in running and he represented his Division in the 2013 Army Half Marathon, 2013 SAFSA Cross Country and also the 2013 Cobra Challenge.

He attained Company Best in Physical Training at his BMT training and was subsequently posted to Command School. “I want to be an officer who is truthful to my men. At the same time, I want them to understand that as they are learning, so am I; all of us are learning together. The regimentation and trainings were things that I have never been through before, and my Army days finally started to match the images that I always had”, he said about his BMT experience in Pulau Tekong. However, his days as a Supply Assistant allowed him to view things from a different perspective as well. “Because I’ve been through it myself, I could truly appreciate what the Supply Assistants do for us within the company line”, he shared.

Well done and all the best to OCT Kong and all the Cadets of 94/14 OCC, on your upcoming Commissioning Parade!

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