Joseph Prince is 10th richest pastor on planet Earth

According to Richest Lifestyle, a website that specialises in ranking rich people and things using their own pseudo-quantitative measures, Singaporean Pastor Joseph Prince from New Creation Church has a net worth of S$6 million.

Which makes him the 10th wealthiest pastor on God’s green Earth:

10) Joseph Prince – Net worth: $5 Million (Singapore)

Annual salary of this Singaporean pastor is $550,000. Pastor Joseph Prince is the senior pastor of the New Creation Church in Singapore. The New Creation Church’s financial income was reported at $44.7 million US dollars in 2008. He hosts a religious program called “Destined to Reign.” He has addressed many congregations worldwide.

Do note that the figures quoted above are in US dollars. So you need to do a bit of currency conversion.

The top 10 list from the website even helpfully ends with this note: “These pastors are respected by Christians all over the world.”

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