I was actively involved in pap grassroots in woodlands area but left because I was getting disenchanted that grassroots volunteers served for self-gains.

The PAP has planned to introduce Chan Chun Sing into Sembawang grc and move its current popular anchor minister khaw boon wan to a grc which is more vulnerable (PAP volunteers have speculated it to be East Coast GRC because Lim Swee Say is unpopular due to his poor people skills.).

In preparation for Chan Chun Sing’s relocation to Sembawang GRC, grassroots leaders in that area have began softening the ground to ease the impact of Khaw Boon Wan moving away.

On 2nd November, Chan Chun Sing is going to participate in grassroots activities followed by coffee chit-chat session to understand the problems that Woodlands residents face. The banner is attached.

It seems that the PAP machinery is gearing up for elections that is speculated to be held in may 2015.

Just letting your readers know in advance so that they are prepared.

Former Grassroots Volunteer

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