S’poreans disappointed actress Felicia Chin not personally serving food in her own Mama Shop cafe

Sexually-attractive MediaCorp actress Felicia Chin, who quit her NUS business school studies to go back to being an actress, has opened her own cafe.
The cafe, called Mama Shop, is located at the former police barracks at Pearl’s Hill Terrace in Chinatown.

During its opening day on Oct. 7, 2014, it attracted a lot of attention. More than 200 customers showed up as they were excited to see Felicia Chin doing things, such as serve food and make drinks in her own way that is arousing to watch.

However, two weeks after the official opening, Singaporeans from all walks of life are unable to catch a glimpse of Felicia Chin there.

Kwa Cheo Bu, a local, said: “I purposely come all the way here to eat because I thought Felicia Chin will be serving food to me personally. But I heard she is not working full-time at the cafe. Why ah? Isn’t this her cafe?”

“If she serves the food, it will definitely add a personal touch and there will be more business. And it will justify the prices.”

Other Singaporeans have also provided feedback that they are upset that the cafe is called “Mama Shop”.

Yin Du Ren, a Singaporean man, said: “The word ‘Mama’ means ‘an Indian elder’ or ‘uncle’. And ‘Mama Shop’ specifically refers to a convenience store at the void deck owned by the Indians.”

“Then now we have an affluent Chinese woman appropriating the name for her own selfish capitalistic gains.”

“Worse, she take it, use it, appropriate it and gentrify it without acknowledgement of its roots. What kind of things does Mama Shop cafe even sell? There’s nothing Mama about it.”

“This is how Chinese power and privilege is exerted in Singapore.”

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