Dear All Singapore Stuff,

It has been more than a week since I emailed to your department on 8th Oct 2014. However, I have not received any formal reply from MSO apart from the email autoreply.

The standard service level is questionable and unsatisfactory. If it requires more time to look into the matter, MSO should have informed me through email or call. However, I am annoyed by the slothfulness of your department as you failed to exhibits any form of basic courtesy to keep me informed.

Understandably, I believed it shouldn’t take more than 3 working days to reply from a government body. I am skeptical on the efficiency and purpose of the organisation if it requires such a long time to respond . It is a complete fiasco because MSO could not even perform such a simple communication task. It defeats the purpose of having an one- stop organisation to assist the people because the whole organisation to me simply has no sense of urgency.

As mentioned in my previous email. NSTC is not in a position to interfere with my case. All my police reports shown that the offender had committed several chargeable offences. Regardless who the culprit was, there was a breach of security. Therefore, I have the right to install CCTV to deter more crimes and protect my properties as well as my personal safety.

Since NSTC could not ensure my personal safety and properties are safeguarded. Hence, it is irresponsible for NSTC to intervene and demanded me to remove the CCTVs. NSTC has deliberately remained silence when their double standards were exposed.

My informant is ready to testify against them as NSTC allowed other residents to installed their CCTVs at the common corridor for more than seven years. According to NSTC, police reports were filed by the residents and it was deemed sufficient enough to justify their installations.

In contrast, the prosecution of the offender staying beside my unit and several harassment cases by the same offender were not treated with the same level of seriousness.

To make matter worse, NSTC perpetually abused their authority by serving me fines unnecessarily and misused ‘Neighbour Dispute’ to protect the offender. In the first place, all my police reports were related to criminal offences such as Vandalism, Arson, Harassment, Criminal Intimidation. It has nothing to do with ‘Neighbour disputes’ at all. Therefore, all my cases were handled by the Police instead of the CMC. The NSTC even abdicated their responsibilities to the SPF citing ‘police case’ when I followed up with them in March this year and yet they have the cheek and keep telling me ‘Neighbour Dispute’?

The offender has no right to complain because he purposely wanted to prevent me from collecting future evidence against him. The offender is not in a position to negotiate at all because of his past criminal acts. It is even more unprofessional for NSTC to distort the true facts and protect the offender instead of the victim.

Furthermore, their perpetual shielding of the offender is explicitly double standard. NSTC allowed other residents to install CCTVs because these residents have back up from a grassroots leader. Obviously, I do not enjoy the same privilege despite my circumstances.

‘All of us will make mistakes, but when a mistake is made, just come clean and say so…don’t cover up.’ quoted by MP Dr Vivian Balakrisnan. However, I am doubtful that NSTC would admit its own mistake and come clean because they refused to reply directly when I pinpoint at their double standards where other residents have undisclosed privileges. They remained silence even till now.

I cannot accept civil servants covering up their wrongdoings where accountability is in question. Similarly, recent news involving MP Dr Intan, MP Alvin Yeo has shown that there is no transparency at all where their actions were scrutinised by the public and the government did nothing about it.

Similarly, PM Lee said, “If any of my PAP colleagues is accused of lying, I will investigate and get to the bottom of the matter. If he has lied, there is only one option – he has to go. If he is innocent, I will insist that he clear his name publicly. The matter has to be resolved one way or other. It cannot be left as an “I say, you say” matter of opinion, which leaves a permanent question mark hanging over his reputation, and the reputation of my government.”

In my case, the property manager Low Ah Poon has to been held accountable for not being transparent and given special treatment to others due to grassroots leader connection. He must been terminated from his service to spare the government’s reputation.

last but not least, I am expecting MSO not to cover up NSTC for their mistake and discipline those who are responsible for showing preferential treatment. Property Manager Low Ah Poon has to resign as he failed to clarify the situation to the resident committee Chairman Mr Lee when the matter was highlighted to him by my informant last week.

If MSO continues to turn a blind eye against your affiliated agencies, I promised you that I will not let the matter to rest and I will bring this issue to public.

Looking forward to your reply.


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