To me, the frankness of NJH is like a breath of fresh air amongst all the bad breath we encounter with typical PAP ministers and MPs and some top civil servants.

We should encourage someone like NJH who called a spade, a spade.

Through his candid revelations Singaporeans realised that the SPF is short handed.

Through his revelations SG now know that Geylang is not only red light area but also a RED ALERT zone.

Through his revelations we know that the PAP government refused to increase the size of SPF despite tremendous population growth resulting from LHL opening the floodgates to all FTs, fake or otherwise.

Through his revelations we now know that SPF is over worked, under paid and under appreciated by the minister.

Anytime, I will place my bet on a person like NJH who admit candidly that he joined SPF for the Oxford scholarship versus someone like Grace Fu who claimed that she become a politician to serve the people and sacrificed her privacy and her time sob;( sob;( …. when the real motivation is the multimillion $$$$ salary.

I do not know NJH, but from his words and his track record, I perceive that he does not mince his words and he is NOT a YES men, he is a man with principle and conviction.

With his vast experience in the field, his value able lesson of the Little India riot and his grasp of the weaknesses of SPF, seeing him being shunted aside by his minister says a lot about the PAP government.

I applaud NJH

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