Hong Kong’s Apple Daily on Sunday (12 Oct) splashed a picture of a high-profile Singaporean corporate executive linked to the Singapore government, kissing a Hong Kong celebrity and model, Kelly Fu, inside a taxi [Link]:

Low Check Kian Kelly Fu

Kelly Fu, 29, is an actress with Hong Kong’s TVB station [Link]. She has acted in the following movies:

  • 2003: Infernal Affairs II
  • 2007: The Haunted School
  • 2011: Love Is The Only Answer
  • 2012: Fairy Tale Killer
  • 2014: Ice Man 3D

Apple Daily said that the Singaporean is Low Check Kian and called him “Fat Uncle” in the article.

Apple Daily spotted Mr Low and Kelly shopping in Hong Kong Central although Mr Low was seen keeping his distance from Kelly in the shopping centre:

When they boarded a taxi later on, Kelly was seen clutching a few shopping bags. Inside the taxi, Apple Daily reporters saw the two passionately kissing each other.

That same night, Mr Low was seen eating with his wife and child.

Later, Apple Daily caught up with Kelly and posed numerous questions to her:

Apple Daily: Aren’t you afraid that his wife will be able to see the photo? That is, the one of you 2 kissing in a taxi.

Kelly: I can’t control who can or cannot see the photo.

Apple Daily: Did you know that he has a family?

Kelly: Yes.

Apple Daily: Do you think his wife might be angry?

Kelly: From what I know, I think they… he has already told his family.

Apple Daily: Do you know the reaction of his wife?

Kelly: He didn’t tell me anything.

Kelly said that after the news report, she did contact Mr Low once. Thereafter she did not contact him anymore. She also told Apple Daily she would not see him alone again.

Apple Daily asked Kelly if she has a special interest in mature men.

Kelly: If it’s friends, age doesn’t matter. If it’s dating, being able to communicate is important.

Who is Low Check Kian?

According to BusinessWeek, Mr Low has held several advisory roles in various Singapore government committees including the Financial Centre Advisory Group [Link].

He was awarded the Allan Young Prize, the Baxter-Edey Award, and the Henry Luce Foundation Award at the London School of Economics (LSE). He received an M.Sc. (Econ) in June 1984 and a B.Sc. (Econ) (First Class Honours) in June 1983 at LSE.

He used to serve as an independent director of the Singapore Exchange. He also previously sat on the boards of the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore and Singapore Workforce Development Agency and chaired their investment arms [Link].

Presently, he sits on the boards of various government-linked companies:

  • Neptune Orient Lines
  • Singapore Telecommunications
  • Fullerton Fund Management – wholly owned by Temasek Holdings. It manages around S$12 billion in assets as of January 2014 [Link].

At SingTel, Mr Low holds the position of Non-Executive Independent Director. He is a member of the Corporate Governance and Nominations Committee and member of the Finance and Investment Committee of SingTel [Link].

In addition, Mr Low is a member of the NTU Board of Trustees, a key pillar of university governance. NTU states on its website [Link]:

The trustees see themselves as long-term stewards of the university driving for international distinction as a university of science and technology.

Mr Low’s profile on the NTU website [Link]:

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