1. When someone embroiled in controversy looks weird

Case in point: Han Hui Hui and her erm, questionable fashion sense. No but seriously girl, you should lose the glasses (with the transitional lenses omg WHY) and maybe change up your OOTDs a little. I mean, you don’t see as many people hating on the Queen of OL Fashion Serina Wee do you?

Han Hui Hui(Source: cadmiumpureland YouTube)


2. When a foreigner badmouths Singapore

We loooove to complain about not having enough money in Singapore, but the moment a foreigner says that Singaporeans are poor we’re all like, “WHAT did he just say? OH NO YOU DIDN’T.” This is especially so if he has a flashy car and/or is married to a former Ms. Singapore.

Aw Hell No(Source:


3. When we had something all our lives and it suddenly gets taken away

Like when McDonald’s put a quota on their curry sauce with their Love More, Waste Less campaign. We were shocked! Outraged! Aggrieved! Look, we can’t help if we like dipping our McNuggets in a lotof curry sauce OK?

Curry Sauce(Source: zipmeme)


4. When something pollutes our air

It’s not that we’re a very environmentally-conscious nation, but more that the haze is POISONING OUR LUNGS. And that the air everywhere starts to smell like Zouk, before they banned smoking inside the club. Also, it’s not like we get a government-sanctioned ‘Stay home from work’ day you know? #hinthint

Haze SingaporeCough cough Indonesia…get yo’ act together. (Source: The Real Singapore)


5. When a Singaporean tries to act like he/she is too good for Singapore

OKOK, we get that you’d rather live in some other country, but do you really have to rant about it in your cringe-y fake accent?

stephanie-kohAhh…Stephanie Koh. Such a fine specimen of a young lady. (Source:


6. When it rains while we’re out

Two words: no cabs.

Taxi Queue(Source:


7. When we miss out on a good deal

Especially when the McDonald’s site crashes and we can’t buy our limited edition Hello Kitty toys. Do you know how much more they’re selling for on Carousell?!

Hello kitty memeNothing will haunt you more than the things you didn’t get to buy.


8. When the government…well, when the government does anything.

Because blaming the government for anything and everything is the new trend, don’t you know?

Free RidesThis is probably how PM Lee looks whenever he has to check his Facebook page. (Source:


9. When the MRT breaks down at peak hour

Because sometimes you get stuck next to that ONE guy who didn’t shower for a week. And you have to breathe in the fumes emanating from his alarmingly hairy armpit. #seriously

ArmpitPut your nasty armpit away! (Source:


10. When someone poops in public

Um, how appalled would Singa the Lion be if he found out eh? But seriously though, can you NOT? Were you raised by wolves or what?!


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