Hi Editors of All Singapore Stuff,

I have an extremely inconsiderate neighbour too. Our units are opposite facing and my family has been going thru stress because of the opp neighbour. She has done many nasty things to us. Banging of the door loudly, opening the main gate widely and refusing to close it to hinder space as I have prams to manuveur. Hanging clothes and even panty on the gate just to irk us. Kicking of slippers till my unit. Middle of the corridor have a boundry by putting her shoe racks there. Dripping of dirty water from rubbish bag.

Now I fought alot too! Hdb, police, town council name it I have been there. They tai chee to one another. Have been staying here for 2 years. First house and we wanted to make many memories here and spent alot on deco and renovation and moved to our current house with many dreams. But because of my psycho neighbour I might have to shift when my MOP is over. Another 3 years to go.

CMC is not an option. We have gone past a stage to compromise and find out what went wrong. Haiz. The most disturbing issue is the kicking of shoes and slippers to my unit. 2 bloody years! Each day I have been kicking back too! But now I am tired. When she leaves the house she will give a front kick. When she returns she will open the door and give a back kick towards my unit of her shoes and slippers.

Off days public holidays even worse. Psycho will go out several times and kick as many times too. I have cctv at my corridor. But that doesnt stop her. U know why! Because the bloody town council dont take action. I email to the officer incharge no reply. Can see mp. But mp will throw case to town council. They will say we have advised ur neighbour to be considerate. Have heard that dialouge many times.

I am all in for the law against nasty neighbours! Btw mine is strathmore avenue under queenstown. Under Ms Indranee. Under LKY somemore. Tanjong pagar constitute. But still we suffer. My family and psycho family are singaporeans. PSYCHO family is a widow with 3.children. 2 teenage gals and 1 primary school going boy. Other neighbours know about her very well too. Expensive lesson learnt.

Pls everyone look out for ur neighbours in all directions before commiting to buy ur home.

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