Sun Ho, co-founder of City Harvest Church and wife of founder pastor Kong Hee, gave a lengthy interview to City News on Oct. 11, 2014.

The interview was conducted in the midst of an ongoing trial, where Kong and five others are facing charges of criminal breach of trust and/or falsifying accounts by misusing church funds through sham bonds.

The other five are former board member John Lam, finance manager Sharon Tan, former fund manager Chew Eng Han, deputy senior pastor Tan Ye Peng and former finance manager Serina Wee.

They are said to have allegedly used $24 million to fund the music career of Ho. Another $26.6 million was used to allegedly cover up the first amount.

The whole interview, which takes about 15 minutes to read, is unessential reading for most people who don’t attend church and cannot sit through a typical soliloquy.

But here are 12 things Ho said that will raise some eyebrows:

1. Sun Ho reveals she married Kong Hee out of the blue

“When he came into the office and asked me, I really thought he was joking. So I laughed, right? He was standing, I was sitting, and I laughed and laughed, then I caught myself because I realized I was the only one laughing and he was looking really serious. Then I stopped laughing and I just said yes. Looking back now, I think I said yes because I must have felt in my spirit that it was the right decision. Even though it wasn’t romantic, in my heart it felt right then that if I were ever to marry someone, I would like to marry someone like Brother Kong.”

2. Sun Ho is a self-proclaimed miracle healer

“We were so radical, we’d be so charged and we’d go back to our cell groups and pray for healing, and we’d see very spectacular healings. I remember one time I was very bold: one member had sprained his wrist, and the knuckle on his wrist shifted out of place, and I was so full of faith and I prayed for him and we all saw it move back to the rightful position.”

3. Sun Ho lionises herself for becoming Christian

“For some people their homes are not so conducive, and for us at that time, most of us were persecuted for our faith, so we do our quiet time at the Powerhouse.”

4. Sun Ho confuses coincidence for miracle

“A lot of time, He impresses thoughts or images to my spirit. There was a leaders’ meeting once and I wanted to know who was leading praise and worship, but nobody told me, and suddenly I had a thought, that this particular worship leader was going to be leading. When I entered the hall at Jurong West, there he was! I was smiling from ear to ear. So that’s my walk with God, it can be something so trivial or totally non-spiritual, but the Holy Spirit will bother to speak to me, to give me an impression.”

5. She credits God instead of her masseuse

“One day, I was having my back adjusted for pain and when I was on the massage table, putting my face down, I saw an open vision. I saw a multitude of people, and I saw myself ministering to them, and in a moment I knew God was showing me my ministry. Things like these are quite natural to me. I have encountered demonic forces since I got saved, but even before I was saved, I also encountered them, but then that was more of bondage, being suffocated and so on.”

6. She knows she sticks out like a sore thumb

“When I entered the ministry, I had a lot of fear, and I didn’t like to be in the guest rooms with all the other pastors and their wives because I wouldn’t know what to talk, and I could tell some people were judging me, because in that time, a pastor’s wife didn’t wear pants or dye their hair, I was just quite a misfit.”

7. She doesn’t concede any wrongdoing

“It is a painful journey, not just for Pastor, not just for the six, but for the whole church. I never belittle what every member has to go through, the questions from their friends, their family; it is excruciating, our faith is being challenged. If I were a regular member, when everything does not seem to make sense, one thing I will remember—the work of God that has been done in my life through this leadership in this house.”

8. She reveals she had miscarried twice and it was God’s will

“I think the lowest moments of my life was when I miscarried twice, when I lost my two babies. I actually did slip back into depression, especially with the second one, because he was already about three months. It was very, very difficult for me.”

“But God has been nothing short of amazing. Both times, I actually dreamed of them. Earlier, I used the word “he” because the Lord actually showed me that both of them are boys, that was how the Lord helped me walk out of that depression, and He also assured me that one day I will see them in heaven.”

9. She was conscious of being judged

“And then then the values in the world and those in the church are poles apart. People in the church world were upset with me, asking how could a pastor’s wife do this, and people in the entertainment world were suspicious of me. Many times, I asked God how long more I had to do it.”

10. She is aware she is an outcast

“When I left in 2002, the church had 10,000 people, and when I came back in 2010, there were 32,000 people. So practically two thirds of the church hardly knew me, they only knew me as that singer or musical wife of Pastor Kong. At some level it was very challenging to pick up from where I had left off—those who didn’t know me, many of them didn’t take me seriously. In an ironic way, the Crossover had positioned me so successfully that they saw me as very “secular” and they doubted my spirituality or maturity as a church leader.”

11. She confesses she likes fashion

“To me, Alexander McQueen was one of the most talented designers who lived so I would collect books of his creations and browse through them. I always say that my birthday dream is that one day, I will get to collect a few pieces of Alexander McQueen dresses—they don’t need to fit me, I just want to keep them (laughs)! To me, they’re so beautiful, so intricate.”

12. She believes City Harvest Church will be around for the next 25 years

“I think our church will never change: it’s still gonna be loving God whole-heartedly and loving people fervently. I really pray that this statement will continue to be our rudder, to guide CHC in our next 25 years. I’m believing that we will continue to be the salt and light, and that God will, after this episode, give us the privilege to bring another wave of revival to Singapore, and not just that, but to the world, and to let us continue to reach out to souls.”

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