It looks like Japanese girls can’t get enough of schoolgirl uniforms these days. Once loathed by their wearers as stuffy, boring and a symbol of conformity (pretty much kryptonite to teenagers), Japanese girls have – over the last few decades – come to embrace the schoolgirl uniform as a sexy, fashionable and customizable wardrobe choice in and out of the classroom.

The problem, though: It looks like it isn’t Japanese schoolgirl uniforms that girls really want nowadays. What they really want are Thai schoolgirl uniforms.



Ever since the distinctive and sometimes slightly more revealing Thai uniforms were voted “Sexiest School Uniform” by a Japanese poll in 2012, the public’s interest has apparently been piqued and specialty stores have started cropping up around Tokyo.

One such shop is the online retailer Only & One, which – through online retailer Rakuten – sells the uniforms with a huge variety of skirt lengths and customization options, such as decorative buttons for the uniform shirt.

thai sexiest uniform

Only & One being a cosplay specialist, these outfits are supposedly to be worn at cosplaying events or, ahem, in the bedroom, but we can certainly see Japanese girls wearing these out on the town – although school regulations would prevent them from being worn on high school campuses as the outfits were originally intended for.

Just how popular the Thai uniforms will become in Japan is yet to be seen, but being the thorough and totally unbiased-and-not-creepy-in-any-way journalists we are, we’ll be keeping a sharp eye out for (of-age!) women donning these sexy uniforms… Not that we wouldn’t have been doing that anyway.

thailand sexiest uniform

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