It gets in the way when you’re trying to do a lunchtime power shop, it drips water all over your clothes when you get on the train/bus (FML), but ultimately, you can’t live without it thanks to the Great British weather and its irritating predilection for sudden torrential downpours (look outside).

But, there’s a new brolly in town: the air umbrella. Yes, it looks rather like a plunger, but it’s deceptively brilliant.

It uses air jets to repel rainwater and form an invisible umbrella.

Created by a research and development team from China, the concept’s been in development for a few years, but they’re now aiming to raise $10,000 through Kickstarter to get it onto the market.

Air Umbrella

With 11 days left, it’s limping to its target with only $4000 raised so far but we reckon the current stormy weather in the UK could help the cause.

It comes in three sizes – the basic style is 50 cm long and weighs 800 grams. Its battery lasts for just 30 mins (so pray for short showers) and you can currently pre-order it for $88 (£55).

The area of protection provided by the jets is about 1 metre in diameter.

Okay, so Mary Poppins might not be keen, we think the design might need a little bit of work (polka dots maybe?), and passersby *probably* won’t be so thrilled about being hit by your spray, but we’re fully on board with the brolly 2.0.

Let it rain.

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