A Facebook user Ryan put up the following picture on his Facebook page yesterday (13 Oct) complaining about rat infestation at his estate in Bukit Panjang

The MP for Bukit Panjang is none other than Teo Ho Pin, who won a convincing 66% in the last general election in 2011:

Ryan disclosed that he tried to email Dr Teo to inform him of the problem but he wasn’t able to get through to Dr Teo.

Ryan lamented:

“My email cannot get through the Mayor. Wondering whether was I banned after the ChildCare Feedback that I provided in his Community Center.

I feedback on May regarding Rats Infestation… It went through and he replied. I feedback last week on Childcare, it went through but he didn’t reply.

This time… Never gone through.”

Apparently, there is a problem for Dr Teo’s mailbox to receive perhaps large picture files. A netizen, Joshua Tan, suggested to Ryan to copy the email message to PM Lee’s office. It seems to help as Joshua attested, “Like what I do for my Kampong Glam Shisha problem… now better than before.”

In any case, Dr Teo is more than just an ordinary MP. He is the Mayor for North West District as well as the Deputy Whip of PAP. In addition, he is also the coordinating chairman for all the PAP town councils in Singapore.

Would Dr Teo be able to fix his rat problems in his own constituency first before fixing problems in North West District and other PAP town councils?

What do you think?

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