As some of you are aware, I was called up to assist in investigations into a possible offence of unlawful assembly on Sept 27th at HLP. This has caused great distress and alarm to my parents. Accordingly I have decided to withdraw from whatever political activities I have been involved in. As advised by my parents to whom I owe a great debt forever unpaid, I will instead focus my energies on my studies and dedicate more time to them and causes they see fit.

After consultations with the other admin, they have indicated a desire to continue to manage the page even though I will no longer be part of it. Consequently I will resign as an Admin of this page effective at noon tomorrow. I also wish to add that Darryl Tan has long ceased to be a member of this page. The remaining admin that will manage the page have for private reasons decided to remain anonymous. I wish my fellow admins all the best and I am sure they will continue the good work of the page in raising the level of political discourse in Singapore.

With my resignation, I will no longer be involved in any way with the management of this page. I may however from time to time express my own personal thoughts on any subject matter including local politics on my own personal FB page (no link provided) or on other pages, as this is a fundamental right available to every citizen.

That said, such comments will no longer be frequent and only if I feel a compelling need to. I also wish to apologise if in any way my attendance at HLP caused any distress to anyone especially to YMCA. I will forthwith be writing to them to apologise.

Finally I wish to make no comments on the police investigations or the conduct of any public official in relation to the matter, either on the day or since. I trust that you will respect my right to privacy for personal and legal reasons and I further urge you not to make any comments in regards to their actions that involves me.

I thank you for liking and reading this page and for your comments to articles listed during my time as page admin.

Ariffin Sha

15 Jul 2020 Update: Ariffin Sha has clarified that no charges were brought in the end

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