Who can volunteer?
Women, first-generation permanent residents and new citizens who are not liable for national service, aged between 18 and 45.
What can volunteers serve as?
C-4 expert
Airbase civil engineer, naval safety engineer or naval combat/platform systems engineer
Infomedia staff
Legal specialist staff
Merchant ship operations trainer or merchant ship engineering trainer
Doctor, nurse, dentist, radiographer or medical technologist
Bridge watchkeeper or deck operator (seamanship)
Defence psychologist
Auxiliary security trooper
What will the training entail?
Continuous stay-in-camp training or training sessions spread over several weekends.
Two weeks of basic training to pick up basic soldiering skills.
A week of qualification training to prepare volunteers for their specific roles.
A week of advanced training for volunteers in more demanding roles to learn about close combat training and live firing.
Where to sign up?
Singapore Armed Forces Volunteer Corps website at www.mindef.gov.sg/safvc or via forms from the Central Manpower Base.

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