Dear All Singapore Stuff

When I driving to Seletar army camp to pick up my son on his book out day on 10 Oct friday, I saw the huge tree branch still lying on the ground inside camp compound ever since last month Sept 1st week as far I can recall. Such a huge branch can destroy and create a big hole on the top of a car, if this hit any of NSF young man, I believe it can lead to death.

Not only this issue worry me, I also notice the grass were very long too while I was waiting in the car park that facing the pass office for my boy to book out, I recall back in the days when I serve national service there were quite a number of case of poisonous snake resting/hiding in long grass area or bush, a few of my camp mate were being attacked by snake and sent to nearby hospital.

And some more the dengue fever is also rising again too. I was wondering why the camp maintenance management didn’t took any action so far that lead this problem that concern health and safety remain unsolved, are they just taking the taxes payer money by doing nothing by thinking less work but more cash in the their pocket?

Or they thought other people child health and safety are not important as foreigners pouring in Singapore to snatch away the executive job position? What should I do? I don’t wish my boy and other child to get hurt/sick, please advice me please.


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