Dear Ms Han,

Please stop your nonsense!!! Moderate Singaporean will not like what they see in you.

Yes, you have brought about some good points in CPF issues.

Yes, you have shown courage in speaking to the crowd opposing and pointing out some good points that the Government has not done enough.

But, the manner you put across these issues are not welcome at all by moderate Singaporeans.

At such a young age, what have you been through to exactly know what is happening to the less privileged?

And I heard you yourself is a new citizen?? what is your agenda??

Trying to discredit ALL oppositions together with yourself and RN’s cause.

At least RN had shown character to apologise for what had happened in the YMCA event.

You have to admit you had reacted emotionally to the ‘trap’ set by the PAP for you.

If you cannot learn from this incident and continue this nonsense of pointing the blame at other parties except yourself, you are not fit to continue your journey let alone leading the cause.

Moderate Singaporeans want someone who is matured and credible enough to represent us in Parliament, NOT a lot of noise and shouting and keep blaming others except yourself.

If you want to recover from this incident, please tell the crowd what is a better solutions to help Singaporeans with the CPF issue, Retirement issue and FT issue.

If not, you should maintain your Golden Silence.

Balance View

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