A man who farted in a police officer’s face twice has been locked up for breaching a community order.

Malcolm Gill, from Longfield Avenue in Dalton, also admitted referring to the policeman as ‘You black b*****d, you terrorist,’ when he appeared in court in February.

The 46-year-old reportedly span around and broke wind in the officer’s face while at Huddersfield police station, reported.

He was called to the station in January while on bail for theft.

Gill received a 12-month community order as a result of the racially-aggravated harassment conviction but failed to adhere to the rules of the sentence.

An arrest warrant was issued for him when he didn’t turn up to court after being accused of breaching the order.

He was jailed for 18 weeks on Wednesday when he was found guilty of failing to show up to appointments.

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