A 27-year-old Indonesian transexual was brutally killed, chopped up and cooked by her Australian chef husband in their Brisbane apartment.

Parts of Mayang Prasetyo’s body was found strewn across the apartment on Saturday night (Oct 4) and some had been cooked by her husband, Marcus Volke, 28. Other parts of her body were found in garbage bins outside, said reports online.

According to a report in The Straits Times, she was the sole breadwinner of her family in Lampung, Indonesia, and used to work at a Melbourne cabaret show. She sent money home to support the family, including putting her two sisters, aged 18 and 15, through school.

Her mother Nining Sukarni told the Courier Mail that she was devastated at the loss of her eldest child. “He put the sisters through school,” she said.

Daily Mail Australia reported that online advertisements showed Prasetyo charging up to A$500 (S$558) for her services as an “international escort”.

Another report in Brisbane Times said she worked at Melbourne transgender cabaret show Le Femme Garcon before settling in Brisbane with her husband Marcus Volke, 28.

Sukarni told the Courier Mail that her daugher was “fine” when they last spoke on Thursday. The couple visited Indonesia last year and Volke seemed “quiet” and “submissive” and had just started working in a Brisbane restaurant, the mother said.

The couple, who met on an international cruise ship, got married in August 2013 and Prasetyo moved to Brisbane to be with Volke. But she had complained of being “bored” and wanted to return home to Bali where they owned a home, said the mother.

The couple had recently moved into the apartment in Teneriffe, the Queensland capital’s inner city, according to reports.

Police were called in after neighbours complained of a foul smell from the apartment.

Police said Volke fled through a glass door and leapt over a balcony when detectives arrived at his flat and hid in an alleyway where he killed himself.

Residents reported hearing loud arguments coming from the couple’s home recently. A resident, Courtney Reichart, told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that she first noticed the smell on Wednesday and it got worse each day.

“The smell, it was like as if somebody had put out some dog food or red meat and left it out for a few days,’’ she said.

“It makes you feel sick that that poor girl sat there for however many days and we’ve been walking past, living our lives and thinking ‘hmmm what’s that smell’, but you don’t put two and two together.

“You don’t think that a bad smell equals a murder.”

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