Dear Editors,

I am a Singaporean Malay business owner and was looking through the Government website to find out more about grants that maybe can help my company.

To my horrow, I see some grants which come under SPRING Singapore that maybe apply to my business that was explained in Chinese. I thought English is the business language in Singapore? Why are these grants being uploaded online in chinese? Is this even legal?

How can a non-Chinese Singaporean read it? Is this fair to the other races? You mean to say these grants only apply to Chinese business? Or you mean it is specially cater for PRC businessman who come Singapore?

Lucky I ask my Singapore chinese kaki to translate for me but if others don’t have such friends how?

I hope the Government will rectify this problem as it is very disrespectful to other Singaporeans. We need to remember, this is Singapore, not Chinkapore!

Disgruntled Singaporean Malay

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