Banye is an 11-year-old British Shorthair from China. Eleven is getting up there for a cat, and in those years he’s been asked “Oh my god! What is it?!” far too many times.

You see, Banye has an affliction that affects an estimated one in every 70,000 cats. It’s called emoticontism and the disorder presents itself as an arrangement of dark fur typically just below the mouth. As a result the feline must go through life constantly looking surprised much like variations of this emoticon (゜д゜).


Of course after careful examination cats like Banye are clearly relaxed but a quick glance in their direction would make you swear they just saw a ghost.

Images of Banye were posted onto a Shanghai-based social network and the cat quickly shot to fame around the country. The plethora of images available of Banye went viral, surprising everyone except the cat himself… we think.

Banye, who was named after the character Madara Uchiha in the Chinese version ofNaruto, has received heaps of praise such as “OMG He’s so cute I’m gonna die!”Although they’ll often ignore people, cats are never ones to refuse a compliment. However, Banye has no time to humor fans, he has to raise awareness of emoticontism.

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