The standard of KouFu food court is extremely dirty and unhygienic. This is not the first time i saw cockroaches roaming around the food stalls as well as dirty dishes being used to serve food.

I once even had food poisoning after eating from one of their stalls. Despite many complaints, they did not even reply to my emails and can’t be bothered with a small time customer like me. What can I do, I am just a regular Singaporean with no money to eat in restaurants every meal so I still have to eat from the food court in KouFu.

I spotted this at a stall in A Taste of Nanyang 1983 foodcourt in MBS operated by KouFu Pte Ltd:

The cockroach are climbing all over the meat and they are being served just like that to customers.

From what I know KouFu is also expanding their business into tertiary education and local schools. I would not want my kids to eat food from KouFu if possible knowing at the poor hygenic level being practiced by the company.

I hope you would share my article with your readers so more people could be aware of this and hopefully avoid eating at KouFu so that their business will be affected and then actions would be taken by them to improve their food hygiene level.

Jim Leow

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