A 60-year-old taxi driver locked himself at home after he was caught bringing a Vietnamese girl home by his wife.

According to a report by Shin Min Daily News on 27 Sep, the incident took place at around 6.30pm at block 90 in Redhill on 26 Sep.

The woman led a group of 6 people consisting of her brother, daughter-in-law, granddaughter, niece and a friend to confront her husband and his partner.

When the group reached the unit, they demanded to enter the house but the man refused to allow them in.

The woman then called the police.

Said the woman:

“We knocked the door for half an hour but my husband still refused to open the door.

“I then called the police.”

The man finally opened the door when the police arrived at around 7.50pm.

He was escorted out of the house by a policeman.

His wife wanted to storm into the house but was stopped by another policeman.

Moments later she felt giddy and members of her group brought her to rest at the staircase.

The Vietnamese lady then left in a cab.

Thereafter the taxi driver and the woman went into the house things out. Shouts could be heard periodically from outside the unit.

After half an hour, both parties were told by police not to leave the house to prevent any further arguments or altercations.

Both parties then agreed that further intervention by the police was not required.

The report also mentioned that the taxi driver and his wife were married in 2011. They agreed to file for a divorce this year but the woman later rejected the application after she suspected her husband to be having an affair.

Said the taxi driver:

“We had already decided on a divorce.

“Why can’t we just part ways peacefully without any complications?

“The Vietnamese woman is just a friend.

“She was just bringing her belongings over to my house when she coincidentally bumped into my wife.

“My wife brought so many people up; of course I wouldn’t dare open the door.”

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