EVERY time he had a day off, Bangladeshi construction worker AKM Shafiul Hasan (Shuvo) would spend the whole time wandering up and down MRT trains, searching for young women to molest.

Yesterday, he was jailed for 14 months for molest.

Shafiul, 26, admitted to molesting three women between April and last month.

A fourth offence, committed when he was out on bail for the earlier offences, was taken into account.

The court heard that on April 3, he boarded a train at City Hall MRT station, sat next to a 21-year-old student and touched her breast.

She got up quickly, walked to the next cabin and later reported the incident to SMRT staff.

A month later, he boarded a train at Admiralty Station and molested a 23-year-old communications assistant.

She got up from her seat to make a report, but he was gone by the time she returned.

However, his luck ran out on Sept 1 when he touched a 33-year-old personal assistant’s chest.

She shouted for help and one of the commuters hit the emergency communications button and called SMRT staff.

Shafiul was detained when the train stopped at Khatib Station.

He could have been jailed for up to two years, fined and caned for each charge.

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