For her, life is more “peaceful and serene”.

Ever since Malaysian sex blogger Alvin Tan jumped bail three months ago to seek asylum in the United States, his former girlfriend Vivian Lee has been leading a quiet life.

“We used to fight a lot. Most of the fights were over petty issues,” said Miss Lee, 25.

She said in Facebook messages to The Star Online that while they had reconciled after a much-publicised split this January, she now considers their break-up official following Tan’s departure to the US.

He was a former law student at the National University of Singapore.

She said: “Since he’s confirmed to be in the US and has cut off all communications with me, I suppose the break-up is now official. I still miss him occasionally, but I think I’m past him.”

She added that not being able to part ways with Tan, 26, like adults was one of her regrets.

She added that she learned a lot from Tan, whom she called “a charming man”.

Miss Lee added that Tan’s current focus on making political statements and challenging the authorities has made her previous collaborations with him, their now-defunct “Sumptuous Erotica” sex blog and their “Sexcussions with Alvivi” YouTube channel, “seem insignificant”.

Miss Lee, who is now employed, said all that made her a household name, but she is now happy to “lead a quiet and simple life”.

Miss Lee and Tan regained temporary possession of their passports on May 18, but only Lee showed up on June 3 to return it.

The Sessions Court has issued a warrant of arrest for Tan.

Forfeits bail

He forfeited his RM20,000 (S$7,760) bail after he failed to return his passport on Aug 22.

He has since resurfaced in Los Angeles, posting messages on his Facebook page.

Source: The Star

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