I am really heartbroken. I am a big loss that Ministry Of Education has stopped me from helping the youths in the schools

Firstly, in 2011, I applied as a teacher with MOE and they rejected me from being a teacher because of my ex-offender record. I picked myself, started my business and became successful with my company, Ministry Of Empowerment. My team and I have been conducting programs in MOE schools for 3 years successfully; programs that builds character in students, study strategies and many other academic and social and life skills.

This year alone, I was selected in about 30 Secondary Schools to conduct workshops and 14 mentoring programs that helps youths-at-risk even though I was from a colorful background of incarceration, gangs and hurt.

Recently, I was even praised in Vasantham Central for my accomplishments in transforming young lives last Thursday, 25. 09.2014 (; Also, last month, I was featured in a show called Marubadiyum, inspiring people. ( ON top of that, I have won National and International Awards, and have been very favorable in schools for my work in transforming young lives.

Yet, what happened recently was that Ministry Of Education had came up with a new system to get company instructors to get access to come to schools as instructors by sending them particulars. What is interesting is that my staff are approved to go in as instructors and even one of my instructor who is an ex-offender is approved. However, MOE has disapproved me from being an instructor and they are not even telling me why. If you see the email below, they mentioned:

“Your application was evaluated on a holistic basis but was eventually determined to be not suitable. As such, MOE will treat the matter as closed and will not be responding to any further queries.”

I believe that they are trying to be politically correct by not telling me the real reason and the only plausible reason is that, I am an ex-offender.

I am really heartbroken. I am a big loss that Ministry Of Education has done this to stop me from helping the youths in the schools.

David King Raj

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