I feel especially sluggish and unintelligent today. Perhaps it is the whole lotta ugly comin’ at me from a neverending parade of stupid, but there’s simply no escaping the blatant, pervasive void of basic human decency and intelligence that now envelops our little island, following yesterday’s Hong Lim Park fiasco (

The self-proclaimed “activists” had been stimulating themselves and teasing the general public long enough. Libellous blog posts, emotional manipulation of the anti-establishment set, public self-victimization, cheap publicity stunts…even a candlelight vigil to celebrate non-existent heroism. Imagine that! I can only hope that one of the candles was lit to mourn the death of all common sense.

So they have finally masturbated their ever-growing egos to a collective climax, ejaculating their unprecedented vileness all over our little population. In the aftermath, conflicting accounts have been given, eyewitness videos have been shared online, blind loyalists have come out in full force to vilify everyone else (namely NParks and YMCA), and a bunch of special needs kids are probably still wondering why they were faced with such a crazed, screaming “audience”.

It is both saddening and maddening that even “activists” would attempt to justify their actions with nothing more than a flimsy conspiracy theory. A wealthy, powerful government such as ours would not arrange a scheduling conflict to silence insignificant protesters; such trivialities do not concern them. Should it truly intend to prevent a protest, it can easily do so even before any of the protesters set foot in the designated location.

To assume the above is ridiculous at best, and downright moronic at worst. But to use such a weak, baseless assumption as an excuse to bully special needs children? Now, that is in a league of douchebaggery all its own.

It matters not what the protesters were yelling as they waved their flags and banners in front of the stage on which the children were performing. It matters not if the protesters merely wanted to express their unhappiness over the scheduling conflict, or make clear their opinion of the MP present at the event. It matters not whether this scheduling conflict was intentional. I am willing to believe that the protesters did not set out to heckle the children, and were more concerned with expressing their dissatisfaction at the situation. But even the most lowly educated person can tell you it is bad form to knowingly frighten and intimidate people who do not know better. Everything else is inconsequential.

It is unclear who the real “special” children were yesterday – the ones who had rehearsed for their performance at a charity event and went out to perform in public, or the ones who were so emotionally stunted, they had to vent their frustration with unforeseen circumstances at a group of unsuspecting kids. Oh, one moment – I apologize. It is very clear who the “special” ones really were.

There have been attempts to divert attention from the issue at hand, such that the MP taking a selfie with a group of YMCA volunteers has been labelled “disrespecting special needs kids by cavorting with the attention seeking ones” ( Oh, dear.

There are many things in this world at which one can clutch, and straws, especially those of such inferior quality, are hardly worth the effort.

Such is the state of our “politics”.

Abandon hope, all ye who (are brave / bored / stupid / insane enough to) enter here. If anyone needs me, I’ll be having some Sunday afternoon coffee and strawberry cheesecake.

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