Sometimes I have a problem digesting what people expect from Roy or HHH? My own personal support of Roy comes from a belief in democracy. He has a right to his opinion and to do what he wants when he breaks no law. That he has through highlighting the CPF issue became famous or infamous as the case maybe cannot fundamentally change the fact that Roy is far from being a politician. The extrapolation of Roy from one issue to being a politician to be loved or hated is ludicrous.

Miss Han is 22 years old. How many 22 years old do you expect to behave with savvy or political acumen? Seriously, how many PAP MPs behave with political acumen from PM down to the latest Intan?

And that is exactly the point about PM LHL suing Roy. Roy is just an ordinary guy making, articulating his points, agree or disagree is one thing, to sue him makes a monumental ass of PM precisely because Roy was never a threat to PM’s reputation. Besides, didnt PM said he was flamed proof?

And it is this suing that elevated Roy to the same status as PM. But that is a farce, with no disrespect to Roy. And precisely because Roy is an ordinary person that even PAP supporters shake their head when PM sued Roy. It is like a 6 footer kicking a kid because he is a nuisance, all the unsavory comments of bullying and repression emanated from PM’s action to sue Roy, is there political acumen? Why expect the same of Roy and HHH?

Now, there maybe mitigating circumstances why Roy and gang heckled. Whether they fully understand what they were doing, the harm is done. And they have to apologize to the kids. No one in their right mind wants kids heckled.

I do not see Roy and HHH as politicians. I don’t know if they see themselves that way. They may feel bullied and reacted rather hastily in any situation with authorities. But that is naive if you really want to be a leader. I don’t know if they have that experience or wisdom yet.

I am saddened they got themselves into a mess that more savvy people could have avoided. Well, I hope they see this as a process. And Singaporeans have a right to condemn the action although they should see this within a wider context of our people developing their democratic reflexes.

Let us all learn and move on.


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